Introducing coming doctor...... Dickosn Sakwata

Beste Malawi vrienden,

Malawi.Kom ondersteunt een enkele keer ook specifieke bijzondere talentvolle jonge mensen in Malawi die we op onze reizen ontmoeten.
Zo stellen we jullie graag Dickson Sakwata voor, of liever : hij stelt zichzelf voor.

Al jaren werkt Dickson Sakwata als gewaard verpleegkundige in de operatie kamer van het Zomba Central Hospital.
2 jaar geleden is hij begonnen met de medische studie aan het College of Medicin.  Hij heeft zijn 2de jaar nu met succes afgesloten en begint in augustus aan jaar 3.
In deze vakantie periode werkt hij weer in de OK om geld te hebben voor zijn living het komende jaar.

Voor het komende 3e en 4e studiejaar ondersteunen wij hem in het voldoen van het collegegeld. Hierna gaat hij als beginnend arts - 'house man'-  het ziekenhuis in en krijgt hij betaald vanuit het ziekenhuis.

Namens Malawi.Kom

Hans Derksen



My name is Dickson Sakwata, fourth year student at the University of Malawi college of Medicine. It has always been my passion to help promote and maintain health of people hence my desire to study medicine.

Before enrolling into medical school I was trained as a non-registered  nurse which helped  me to participate in patient care in the hospital and through this act I realised I could equip myself with more knowledge that would help me render more advanced patient care as well as any other persons seeking medical help at an advanced level. This prompted me to always have the desire to upgrade myself to a medical doctor.

My director at Zomba Central Hospital, where I was working as a nurse has decided to put me from now on on unpaid study leave because of my enrollment into a medical school. This was not good news to me as I depended on the wages  to support myself in the medical school. I am fifth out of six children in my family and no one in my family has ever attended post-secondary education apart from myself. No member in my family has a stable source of income to support me as all of them rely on peasant farming for a living. I have always wished to break such a record in my family and I believe I can do so by getting educated.

Recently I was on the verge of withdrawing from my training on financial grounds because I could no longer borrow money to pay the tuition fees of the College of Medicin and support myself as I have not been able to repay some loans.

A million thanks to MALAWI.KOM FOUNDATION for coming to my rescue by giving me a tuition fee scholarship. My face is now full of smiles because I can now see light at the end of a tunnel. My burden of having constantly to worry about where to get tuition fees is now over. All I have to do now is to focus and concentrate on my studies and finish my training as a medical doctor so that I can contribute to the health needs of Malawians.

I am confident my successful completion of this training will not only help me but also many people in Malawi which is one of the African countries greatly affected by shortage of medical doctors.

Once again a million thanks to MALAWI.KOM FOUNDATION for the scholarship.


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